Our success rests on the success of our clients. Each assignment is led by a partner or managing director with daily, hands-on involvement.  

Partners & Managing Directors

Peter Adams Partner Beijing
Howie He Partner Beijing
Steven He Partner Shenzhen
George Kang (Kang Jun) Partner Shenzhen
Angela Liang Partner Shanghai
Jules Pleumeekers Managing Director Shanghai
Edward Radcliffe Partner London and Shanghai
David Russell Partner Shanghai
Marcus Shadbolt, FCA Managing Partner Beijing and London
Marc Vincent Chairman Paris
Jason Wang Partner Shanghai

Advisory Board

Paul Baines London
Ernst Behrens Beijing
Neil Benedict New York
Sir Stephen Brown, KCVO London
Sir Anthony Galsworthy, KCMG London
Rudi Lamprecht Munich
Thomas Putter London
Ge Su Beijing
Adam Williams Beijing
Malcolm Williams London
Hu Yan Beijing